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Vapor Barriers

Improve indoor air quality in your home with a sealed vapor barrier. Air sealing and installing a vapor barrier in the crawl space (aka "basement waterproofing "), is one of the most significant energy saving & air quality improvements one can make to most existing homes.

About 40% of the air circulating in an average home comes in through the crawlspace. What’s in your crawlspace?!

Air typically enters and exits a house via a phenomenon called the "stack effect" or the "chimney effect," which is based on the principle that hot air rises -- the majority of the conditioned air in your home typically escapes through holes in the ceiling, entering the attic and escaping thereby. This air is replaced by air drawn in from the basement -- a typically leaky area where utility penetrations and gaps in building materials allow air to enter the basement. As this air heats, it rises through leaks in the floor and enters the living space. This could mean that allergens and dirt are traveling with the air into your home.

Our crawl space sealing services will ensure that a minimum of cold, unfiltered air from the outside is permitted to enter your basement. Proper air sealing techniques coupled with a vapor barrier serves as a moisture barrier and air barrier that protects against a wet basement that can allow mold to grow and enter your house. This leads to lower energy bills, warmer floors, stronger durability, and an altogether healthier, more comfortable home.

AppleBlossom can also help home and business owners install Crawl Space Insulation to maximize indoor comfort..

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